Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Time Fly's

Time fly's when you're having fun, right? Well it's not just when you're having fun; time fly's whether you want it to or not. This is especially the case here, since I have two weeks left in England. This place that I have grown to love, to cherish. The majestic rolling hills, the cliffs overlooking the sea, the peacefulness of the countryside and the crowds of the city. The purr of the Jaguar on the road, the graffiti sheep. The roman ruins to the modern skyscrapers, England is a proud, wonderful country that I have been so lucky to have called my home for the past four months. I honestly don't want to leave. My mom and my grandmother (on my mom's side) always have a strange fascination; almost an obsession with England, and now I know why they constantly talked about it, and traveled here. It is simply amazing. So many different facets to this jewel we call Britain and I have vowed to come back again.
I have learned so many things here, and I have experienced some amazing things. I remember when I came over here I was looking for a grand adventure; maybe something out of a Jane Austen book or out of a romance movie, but what I found was much better. Friends for a life time, a possible relationship with an amazing guy, and a city that I have come to know and love.
Most of the people in my group that came over with me traveled a lot. And I mean every weekend, new country kind of travel. I traveled some; not to any of the places that I really wanted to go, but I got around a bit. But I mainly stayed in Oxford. And I tell you, there is something to be said about getting to know a city intimately and in it's entirety. I know the in's and out's, the back streets, the best places to eat, the hidden places in the parks, the quaint pubs, and I know the bus system like the back of my hand. I know that Oxford will be a place that I will come back to see again and again. While I  am thrilled to back home to see my family and eat my mom's cooking I will miss Oxford desperately. I am already planning on coming back and visiting. A place revered for its university and majesty; a city that I have fallen in love with.