Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day one of Family Travel part 1

I am currently sitting in a steel grey Renault, after picking up my mom, dad, and little brother from Gatwick airport. We, along with our driver/ tour guide Jeremy (who has the traditional British humor) are driving up to York today, stopping at Chatsworth House and then finally ending up in York for the night. About a five hour drive all together, three hours from Gatwick to Chatsworth and two hours from there to York.
I woke up this morning around 4 a.m. to pack up, made some pancakes while finishing a book that I have now read for the third time ( I really miss getting new books) and  meeting Jeremy  outside my flat. We had to park and go find my family and I found them by looking for the signature look that my 16 year old brother sports thses days, a grey fedora. He actually manages to pullit off quite nicely. Mom did not let go of my hadn when we got in the car for a good solid ten minutes (think she missed me?) and dad remarked how he thought my jacket, which has WDM on the front that stands for World Dressage Masters, said WMD which stood for Women of Mass Destruction, and was thus a befitting coat for me.
Jeremy and my parents have already been through politics, local history, the two finger salute and its story, the dislike of the french, and how apparently my dad needs to try real beer. Lawson, my little brother, is now nodding off into sleep and I don't want to be rude by plugging into my Ipod so I thought I would blog about my day thus far and other such thoughts that I have meant to blog about and have not, so now that I have caught you up on my exciting day, here is what I have been meaning to blog about:

1)Music. England has always been ahotbed of music. The beatles, rock and roll, and now dubstep. You know that new-fangled music that sounds like a lot of beats thatsound like different random sounds on a perpetual repeat with the ever important "drop"?  Yeah, that has become huge in the UK and is spilling over into the U.S. Most clubs today onnly play dubstep, or dubstep remixes, or dubstep mashups. If it can dub and step then it is played. Not my favorite type of music, one because it is exceedingly repetative and two, because it is hard to dance to. Dubstep is the new musci over here so if you come you better get used to it and ring some advil.

2)Fashion. I have been meaning to blog about this for a while, I just had to get my thoughts straight and organized. First off, men's fashion. If you wear skinny jeans with a scarf in the states you are a flaming gay. No questions asked. Here, if you wear skinny jeans, pointy toed shoes, a vest with a blazer and a scarf you could be very straight or very gay. It is very hard to tell. Men over here dress either two ways. The first is as I've previously described and that is most of the older university students and above, the other I think is trying to be "American." The guys that dress like this wear graffitti shirts and hoodies, tennis shoes, brightly colored boxers, and very, very low the whole world can see their backside. Disgusting. You wear a belt for a reason hun, pull your trousers up!
Now women are a bit differnt. Two words. Boho Grunge. Take the color wheel of the standard camo print. Now take every shade of that and you have the entire color scheme for the fall/winter fashion. Military style, high necklines with actual collars, tights, lots of bangles, and biker boots are essential to this style. Even if you decide to sport a birght color, like red, it must be muted. So red is no longer red. In addition, there is also a lot layering that goes on, which makes sense since we are in England. In terms of hair, the frizzier, the messier, the teased, the better. Bed-head does not evenn begin to describe it. I don't quite understand it. Jewelry equals studded. Anything studded and spiked is a must to go with everything else you are wearing. The girls these days are trying to put off a "bad-girl" and "don't mess with me" vibe I suppose; at least that's what I'm getting.

Anyway, I am getting a bit car sick from all of this, so I am logging off. More to come later.

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