Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So America runs on Dunkin? Well, I run on Starbucks.

Well ladies and gents I have been up for over 24 hours! That's right, I pulled an all nighter monday (last) night because I have got two weeks worth of regular work plus end of the semester projects for each of my four classes that count for a heavy mark on my final grade. For example, my business final essay counts for 70% of my final! It is a case study where I have to go through and write an essay on a businesse's problems in every aspect of the business, and create and present solutions with supporting evidence from outside reserch. So I have got that, my history final paper which I have yet to decide a topic on (although I am meeting with the professor tomorrow), a photo essay for my travel blogging class, and a poetry final essay where I have to create my own anthology using ten to fifteen poems, write a critical introduction, and include all of them. I have to do this choosing a topic that there are interesting assumptions about, or challenging an assumption. I was going to do light versus dark poetry and challenge the assumption that not everything that is dark is bad just as not everything that is light is good. It is one of my favorite conceptions that I have stumbled across in all of my readings and I must say that I strongly believe in it (however I will not stick my hot foot out of the covers at night, the monster under my bed WILL get it). Unfortunately for me there almost nothing out there in poetry regarding the whole 'light versus dark' thing. So I had two more options: the importance of the use of Greek mythology in poetry or death. I have decided to go with death; something else I have always loved reading about in poetry. Death is such a vague concept and poetry provides the perfect canvas on which to paint as many different pictures and beliefs of death as it wishes, and none can be wrong or right. I have about eight poems on death so far, so I am almost there! I actually like being this busy (obviously not the all-nighters) I really like feeling productive and staying busy.

My beloved planner. My life is in here, and as you can tell I have to write everything down, I am from the age of technology but I will NOT use a computerized planner. Ick.

On another plus side, I have figured out a way to sneak coffee into the library! I mentioned earlier how they would not let me into the library with my starbucks? Well put it in a to-go mug, stick it in your backpack, and voila! Coffee time :) I told my mom and she surprisingly did not chastise me! So,  I have my fuel for the day. Although according to some of my friends my two cups per day is amateur status, and I should not talk to them again until I hit double digits. Yeah, I don't really need to be that hyped up.

                     The crab sticker makes the mug invisible to any librarian's eye! :p

So here I am cranking it out in the library. Wish me luck!

                          It's like a swarm of minnows in here today! Almost no room to sit!

P.S. I am happy to inform my readers that my family will be coming up this coming Saturday and I will be spending Saturday through next Wednesday travelling! We will be going to York, Devon, Edinburgh, Stratford, and Cotswold before heading back to Oxford! So excited!

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