Thursday, September 13, 2012

Four Miles of books and Einstein

We finally had a free day to ourselves and so my flat mates and I went into the city for the day. Well more like afternoon since we all slept in. When we got there they wanted to go to Christ church before it closed and I was dead set on going to see this Astronomy in Renaissance exhibit at the Museum of Science because it was the last day of the exhibit. Well I ended up going on my own. But I texted Hal and asked if he would meet me there. He did and we went around and saw the coolest things ( I have pictures below). One of the most fascinating things was a blackboard used by Einstein. It had his writing on it and everything. Fantastic! Hal and I then went to grab a snack and after about an hour of chatting at a local Cafe he had to leave and I went to Blackwell's bookstore. It is now my favorite place. You go downstairs and there is four miles of books approximately. FOUR MILES! I cannot wait to get started. I then met my friends at Turf's for dinner and we then went back where I promptly fell asleep.

One would not think this bookstore has four miles of books in it. Oh yes, England is very deceiving. 

Astronomy in Renaissance: 

Einstein's blackboard!

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