Monday, September 24, 2012

Fresher's Week

Okay, so catching up everyone on what I have been doing since my last post. Sorry about that everyone, normally I am quite good at keeping things up. Anyway, this past week was Fresher's Week; A.K.A. parties all night, all week. I only went to a few of them, I don't have stamina that Brit's do...

There was the Traffic light party which was insane. For those of you who do not know what that is, you where traffic light colored clothes based on if you are single or not. it is as follows:

RED- Try my friend instead
YELLOW- Try me and see
GREEN - Sex machine

That is literally what the posters said, and don't worry I wore yellow. Although some guys thought it was green. Thank goodness I had all of my friends there with me, a big group means more protection from the creepers. Also met a few guys that night. Dan and Simon whom I think will be some of my best British bud's over here, and George (who plays rugby). Also met a few girls: Georgie, Lottie, Libby, and Jess. All of them go to Oxford Brookes and all are extremely nice!

There is me in the Yellow looking up at the lights...Terrible shot but oh well

The DJ's were absolutely fantastic! seeing this set up and listening to them, I really want to learn how to do that!

Next night, I stayed in and went to the White Horse pub with Raquel ( one of my flat mates) Dan, Simon, and George and a few of his friends. I now know the main bartender guy there very well, and he knows the regular table where I tend to sit. Yup, my kind of pub. Dr. Schweitzer then showed up and ended up sitting and eating with us. Which I thought was great! But the Brits found it really odd. They don't normally sit down and talk or even share a coffee or a mean with their teachers... I personally love it. I do it all the time! Plus, she knows her football (NFL) so it's great to talk to someone else that knows it. Speaking of football, the place got really busy and then before I know it, there is a giant screen coming down in front of the main window and the Chelsea game is on that screen and the Manchester United game is on the other TV's around the Pub. There was even a little boy there around 10 years old that came to watch with his dad that had his little Chelsea jersey on. It was a lot of fun, although I still don't fully understand the off-sides rule and I think it's stupid. But everyone was cheering and it was a great party. Finally, after the game and most people had left Sky Sports showed NFL. Not Monday night NFL, Tuesday night NFL! And only the highlights, but still, it was something.

Thursday night went out again to a club called Lava Ignite, and tried a Stella for the first time. I liked it. But I still have to sip on it. For those of you that don't know me, I don't like carbonation at all. So it took me a good two hours to get through half of it. I texted my dad that I had tried a Stella and the conversation went like this:
Me: Dad, Just tried a Stella...I kind of like it
Dad: That's my girl! That's my beer. But be careful, it's strong
Me: I'm just sipping, and it just proves we are related.
Dad: Indeed. Have fun!
(P.S. Mom, don't worry. I'm not going crazy over here, I promise).
            However the DJ was really good and there were a lot of Hispanic looking people around (nice looking mind you, not creepy) and when they started playing Latin music for all of them, one guy asked me dance  and we did a bachata, which had me swinging around and pulling a Shakira in the middle of the dance floor. By the time we were done, most people had stopped and were looking at us. Oops. For me, I just like dancing, so if I find a good partner and the music is right, then I kind of let loose; which apparently is not the norm in England, or so I'm told. Oh well.  
So there is the highlights of my week. During the day I have been working and exploring Oxford and finding interesting things such as this:


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