Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Confidence is Key

In class today we were asked to respond to this prompt:
"What makes you stand out and what does not, and why do think you fit in or not. "

               Hmmm interesting question. And very loaded. I suppose it's a bit of both. I do love travelling and I grew up with parents that are ingenious travelers; smart without looking touristy, blending in and knowing what to do. Plus I have been to England before so it is not that much of a shock to me as some of the other girls in my group that came over from our school. For them it's their first time out of the country. I know there are a few places I stand out, but it is not that hard to fit in I find, especially when there are hundreds of new students coming in as well to the same school. Plus, the British are plenty friendly. And even more friendly if you know proper British etiquette and mannerisms (Thank you mom and Nanee). I personally think that I adapt well to surrounding changes, even though at times I do miss the comforts of home. I mean it is called home for a reason, right? I tend to go with the flow and I think I am pretty easy going. There are still some places where I know I feel slightly uncomfortable or I know that I stand out, but it's to be expected. For instance, the dance floor at clubs. I am addicted to dancing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I tend to go all out sometimes. This is NOT how the Brits dance. As my good friend George explained it to me: British people cannot dance, we jump up and down and wave our arms. We have a sense of rhythm yes, but that is as far as it goes. When someone starts dancing well, it's out of the norm and we all stop to gawk.

               So if you are self-conscious about dancing, just go with the Brits. If you are like me and don't really care on the dance floor, then go for it. Now I must add in that I have been dancing my whole life so I am decent. I'm not doing belly-flops on the floor thank you very much. But honestly, go with people you trust, anytime you go someplace new. Make local friends , hang out, and soon enough you will pick up their mannerisms and traits. I've already started to say "cheers" to the bus driver when leaving. My best piece of advice to you, and to myself is this, " Act confident. Act like you are know what you are doing even if on the inside you have no earthly idea; if you do so, no one will notice and you yourself become more confident and brave."

               However there are a few things that still make me stick out here. Like my love for Downton Abbey, who according to my friend, only mother's and old women watch. It's almost a cult thing in America. Go watch it if you haven't. Another show that I love to watch on the "tele" (see, I'm using British words), is Dr. Who. Which, if you watch Dr. Who over here you are the biggest kind of geek and have no life. Oh well. However, my British friends are excited I know who Daniel Craig is and that I love James Bond (who wouldn't?).

               All I can say is be proud of who you are and where you came from and what you do. You will find your way and not all who wander are lost. 

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