Monday, October 8, 2012

Random Thoughts

Just thought I would share a few thoughts that I have had since my time here in jolly olde England:

I have found out how you can tell a tourist/visitor from a local fairly easily. Just look at their phones. Now, it's not a sure fire way to tell, but I have found it works pretty well. Locals will have smart phones, HTC's, Blackberry's, Iphones, ect. While visitors like me have the small, seven pound half keyboard itty-bitty phone that I have to constantly hunt in my purse to find every time I need it.

Remember in middle school and junior high school when you got your first cell phones and every person had their own unique signature after every single friggin text? With lots of squiggles, hearts, and emoticons? Yeah...they still do that here. Granted, it's not as extreme, but every single British person who has texted always ends they're text with an 'X'. Supposedly, it's a kiss, like XOXO, and the more you get the more you are loved. However when I get them, the only thing that pops in my head is those awkward dead smiley faces that have X's for eyes. So now whenever I get a text, it's like they died sending it to me. didn't know I was worth that much? XXXX

-North vs. South
 I have had the pleasure of meeting someone from the north of England. Specifically Yorkshire. HIs accent has almost no consonants, and sounds vaguely Irish, or Scottish, something other than English. Anyway, his roommates, excuse me, flat mates are all from the south and every time we meet up the conversation somehow ends up north versus south. Did our civil war come over to England? The arguments are all in good sport but there are sometimes when I feel like I may need to hit the deck.

I am a conservative, therefore I will warn you ahead of time that this part is biased. Read at your own discretion.
Most everyone over here likes President Obama. Well, most people I have met anyway. When I asked my friend Simon why he liked Obama he said, "Because he is cool. And black. "
great reasons to elect a president. Absolutely brilliant.
I will stop here because if I continue I will go off on a brilliantly sporadic rant denouncing our President. 

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