Monday, October 15, 2012

Thames River

Friday morning I woke up to meet everyone from my travel blogging class to go on a field trip. Yes I said field trip, it's a great term and brings back fantastic memories whenever I here it.  Our teacher had been down the Thames one day to visit this pub called Isis which is about a 30 minuted walk from the bus stop. It was a clear, sunny day, and with the sun shinning down it was surprisingly warm. I had decided last minute to forego my long trench coat and wear my mom's 1980's blue Patagonia windbreaker. Off of the bus we headed towards the river, switching from one side of the path to the other to dodge the runners, walkers, dogs, and cyclists. After about 30 minutes we reached the pub and discovered it was closed until noon so we went farther down river to see Ippsley lock while we waited for the pub to open. There were geese and ducks that decided we were their new best friends, and took a very strong liking to my friend Libby. Finally we meandered back to the pub and all piled in, camera's in had to take pictures. We all ordered drinks, and I had 1/2 pint of this very nice Cotswold Ale. It was light and perfect for the sunny day outside where we all went to sit after we got our drinks. The lunch menu was not up yet so we sat amiably and chatted for a while in the pleasant sunshine before heading back in to order. I had had a huge breakfast so I skipped the lunch but other people got either a plowman's lunch or some like of green soup. We were there for a good hour and  a half, talking about everything from baseball to hair.
On the way back my favorite father in the world called me and we talked about the Vice Presidential debate and caught up for a while. It was good to speak to him again. When we got back we all split up into our separate groups and I headed back to my dorm for a nap before going out that night.

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