Monday, October 8, 2012

Uffington White Horse and Dragon HIll

We all are getting the horrendous fresher's flu, or something of that sort. Dear lord. I never usually get very sick but I have been sick with this for the past week. Including being in bed for the better part of the weekend. However Friday I had the pleasure of going with Cassie, Sarah, Dr. Schweitzer, and Dr. Forsaith to the White Horse and Dragon Hill in Uffington. It was drizzling when we got there, and we all piled out of Dr. Forsaith's car. I had been expecting a big hike and had brought my hiking backpack and everything, however it only turned out to be a quarter of a mile walk to the White Horse. Green grass, clean crisp air that made even the worse sinus afflictions disappear, and sheep. Lots and lots of sheep that we had fun chasing. I was invigorated. I forgot how much I loved a good hike. Albeit a short one. We went to the White horse, which dates back some 3,000 years! It is thought to have something to do with Uffington Castle, which is not a castle at all but an iron-age fort. We went to go see it, and I climbed the deep trench that surrounds the fort, just to give myself a feeling of how hard it would be to scale something like that. Even with a running start, it took me awhile to reach the top. If I had been attempting to scale it back when it was in use, I would definitely made it to the top. After seeing Uffington Castle, Dr. Forsaith went to get the car and the rest of us went to Dragon Hill. A plateau below the White Horse where legend has it, St. George killed the Dragon. It was really cool being up there, and I could almost imagine a dragon sleeping below us, under the hill; waiting for another worthy opponent to challenge it.
After we got thoroughly soaked we went with Dr. Forsaith back to his house for some tea. My first time trying tea was a pleasant one. I had to add a lot of sugar and honey, but it was really good! We had a pleasant time sitting and chatting and getting warm. Why don't people in America do this more often? I think we should, it is a fantastic way to be social.
The rest of the weekend I pasted mostly in sleep, with the occasional food run, or Skype with the parents. Everyone else in my flat, as I said earlier, are sick, and still are. I finally was able to procure some medicine thank goodness!

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