Monday, October 1, 2012

Eating Like Homeless People & the O2 Academy

Slept in till around noon, did some work for my business, Three Wishes Productions and then went with Libby, Georgia, Martha, Phil, Alex, Jess, and Charlie to the O2 Academy club downtown. Libby and I had gone shopping the other day so I wore my new dress which I got for seven pounds (yay!). On the way there Charlie (a guy from the Greek isles, A.K.A. new best friend) and I stopped at the local Tesco for food. And then we ate on a bench in the store like homeless people. It was nearly eleven at night and we talked about history... at night...easting food at a Tesco... LOL.  I really want to pick Charlie's mind more, he knows so much and I love ancient Greek and Roman history. I want to learn more about the culture and basically everything. I think he was actually surprised I knew as much as I did. Brownie points for me!
               We finally got to the club and it was PACKED. The first DJ was out and everyone was jumping up and down like lunatics, the bars were crowded and the lights had the possibility of giving you a seizure. My kind of place. If you have ever heard of UK raves, then this one counted as a big one. Although no weed that I could see or smell thank goodness. Everyone got drinks (water for me) and we hit the dance floor. Charlie, Phil and I protected the other girls from the creepers that were there (they are everywhere I tell you).  And after awhile Zane Lowe, a hug DJ for BBC Radio 1, came on stage and the place went ballistic. Lawson, my little brother, would have LOVED his music. All dubstep remixes with so many bass drops it felt like there was an earthquake under my feet. He did play a few rap songs which made me happy and at one time he stopped the lyrics so people could sing and I belted out the lyrics while all my friends stared at haha. "You only live once that's the motto baby YOLO."
After hours of dancing, and swinging and jumping and grinding and pushing and shouting and clapping and hugging we all headed home. We went through the park, which usually I would have said no but I was in a big group with three guys so I felt fairly safe. Plus, I was wearing heels so if I needed to I could kick butt. It was a gorgeous night and I had to hold onto Charlie while looking up at the stars because I would have fallen down! We got to the top of the hill and Charlie told me to turn around so I did and from the top of the hill at the park you can see all of Oxford, and the church spires at night with all of the stars...breathtaking. If you every come to Oxford, find a clear night and go find a hill and look.
We then ordered pizza, I went to go say hi to George and accidentally woke him up, but he got some pizza so it was all good. And then George walked me back across Campus to my dorm where I promptly fell asleep on my bed and did not wake up until noon the next day.

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