Monday, October 1, 2012

Day of the Dad: Business Class Commence

I honestly hate different campuses, it's annoying. I have to take a 20 minute bus ride to a different campus for my 1pm intro to business class, and you never know if the bus is going to be late or if traffic is bad, ect. ect. Anyway, luckily I had my good friend George in my class and he knew where he was going so we took the 12:30 bus to the Wheatly campus. We got there and sure enough we were a bit late. oops.
               We grabbed a seat in the front, and settled in for the class. The professor is really interesting. He is an excellent speaker and very animated when he talks. He reminded me a lot of my dad (who is a CPA). And then I look over at George and his handwriting looks like my dad's....then I really started missing my dad. Especially when the teacher started talking about terms that I did not understand. He then asked us what we thought was the definition of business and I almost texted my dad to ask him. The conversation would probably have been as follows:
Me: Dad, what is a good definition of business?
Dad: You texted me internationally to ask me that?
Me: yup! :)
Dad: Brilliant answer
So I think I will like the class. It seems like it's going to be a lot of analyzing and such, but none the less should be really enjoyable (with a grande Starbucks). After class, we broke up into seminars. Mine was right after class and George's was the one after mine so he went to go eat. After getting lost a few times in the maze of buildings, I finally found the room. My seminar tutor is just as exciting as the main teacher and we had a little competition in the class called the marshmallow challenge. My team consisted of me, a brilliant guy named Ertan, Esther, Robert , and Shane. The challenge was to make a construction out of 20 pieces of pasta, a meter of tape, and a meter of string and see whose was the highest that could hold a marshmallow on top. We wasted no time squabbling about who was the leader, ect.  Robert owns a building company so he became our engineer and leader immediately. Ertan and Esther held, cut and handed pieces to me. I was the holder, and builder due to my small hands. And Shane helped Robert with the planning. We all worked together and in the end won the competition with our construction being over 20 inches high. Our teacher said that most CEO's can't do this because they all try to jockey for power while kindergartners are the best at this challenge. Dad, I beat you.
After class Ertan invited us for drinks so I went along with Robert to the Starbucks on campus. I ran into one of my group mates Emily and we had a nice chat for a while. Then I got back on the bus ran into George and Libby who had just finished classes, went to the bookstore to get my ungodly expense textbooks and went home to work.
That night was the polo social which was fun. I met all of the main team and the other prospects. we went to a few bars and Camera (a really nice "posh" club) and I ended up being the only girl there with the five main guys from polo after about an hour. They all tried to buy me a drink and were stuned when I said I was fine. They're eyes bugged out a bit when we got to the dance floor and I started dancing, and I danced (mainly swing) with all of them. One of the Guys, Will, wore a barrette because he is French and we had a very short conversation in his native tongue. I say very short because for all the years I took French, language is just not my best skill. Although I have been told by French people that I have a very good French accent! Saul, one of the captains, told me I was everyone's favorite "fresher" (new person) and I did not get back until three in the morning. Good thing I don't have classes on Friday!

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