Monday, October 8, 2012


Tuesday evening I went with a few friends to see the production STOMP at the Oxford playhouse.  It was fantastic. As a music aficionado, I loved the way they used the most ordinary of things to make the most amazing music. No talking, Just eight performers and their "instruments." There were kids in the crowd whom I knew were going to go home that night and start banging on pots and pans. Poor parents. Whoever wrote the score though for the play is a musical genius. Some of it reminded me of Hans Zimmer, some of it reminded me of Beethoven. It was amazing sensation to listen and watch. Charlie and I had fun trying to figure out how many microphones were on the stage. And I couldn't help imagining what I could do if I was up there with my hard shoes on. It was  a musical playground.
Afterwards Charlie, Libby, and I went with two of Libby's family to Turf's for a drink. I had a nice half a glass of wine, and after a bit, Charlie and I headed back to campus. It was a good twenty minute walk but the weather was crisp and I had good company so soon enough I was in bed, falling fast asleep. 

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