Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Trials and Dancing

Well sorry for the long wait, I've been working on a lot of upcoming projects so that hopefully I can go to Scotland this weekend to visit my cousin Stuart in Edinburgh! This past week was full of work and running after books in the library, making them my best friend. My flatmates went out of town to Milan and Paris so I  had the whole flat to myself, which meant turning up the music as loud as it could go and having a dance party. By myself. Yes I do that, please don't judge. Friday was a bit hard emotionally for me as I found out the guy I was somewhat talking to ( I have no idea how to describe our relationship and I don't plan on trying to explain it here) who had been away a lot on weekends recently (now I know why) has had a girl he was seeing this whole time. Oh, and he told me over text. And now, according to his new girlfriend, who forgave him, he can't see me again...even as friends. Which is going to make this Thursday very awkward indeed because I usually ride to class we have together with him on the bus...and sit with him during class...and ride the bus back. Not to mention I am now friends with his friends. Joy. This Thursday is gonna be SO much fun, I can't wait haha.
Piece of advice for girls traveling...guys are the same anywhere you go. Just because they have an accent does not make them your prince charming (even if they turn out to be a prince). Just proceed with caution where your heart is concerned. The heart does things for a reason that reason cannot explain, so just protect it. I have had way too many "hit and runs" with crushes and trust me girls, there are consequences for those. They are good for you, they will help you in the future, but at the same time they can be detrimental. The heart is essentially a double edged sword.
So Friday night I texted one of my good friends that was going out and she told me she was going out with the guy that I had liked and a few friends, so my friend and I decided to go to the same place, I don't know why, I just wanted to go. My hair decided to cooperate and after a quick wait in line, the flash of the U.S Driver's licence and we were in. Had a good night. After we got our first drinks, I had a guy ask me to marry him. No, "Hi, how are you," but, "Will you marry me?" yeah no. It was like anchovies swarming on the dance floor, you could hardly move, just jump up and down, and people were constantly trying to move around so I got bumped, pushed, squeezed, and tossed a bit. Libby and I also seem to have a neon sign around us that says, "CREEPERS! HERE WE ARE!" So that kept us constantly on the move. The DJ was really good though and we found some other friends to hang out with, which was nice. When we were leaving I finally saw the guy and he walked right past me ignoring me, so I did the same. But I'm not gonna lie, I had a little gut wrenching at that moment.
On the walk back, we decided to stop at McDonald's for something to eat when we were stopped by two very posh looking gentlemen. Turns out they were from Finland, and one of them was studying at Oxford University. So I can now check off that I have met someone smart from Oxford University. Libby and I munched on our food on the walk back, and then I got exasperated and hailed a taxi. I have made the 20 minute walk back to campus multiple times before, but I was just not feeling it that night. Thank you Oxford taxis. After I got back and Libby and I parted ways I skyped a few friends and one of them (After a very long rant and boys and their idiocy) gave me a new quote that I like. She said that this describes me:
"East coast girl with a stone cold heart, and looks that can kill."

Saturday I slept in, went for a run, and watched about five sappy romance movies. Yay me. Sunday I slept entirely too long, did some work, and went to dinner at the Beefeater's with my flatmates. It was good to get out and hang out with them. I feel like I haven't done that in ages. Then we got back around 7:30, I watched some more sappy romance films and this morning I woke up at seven a.m. to get to the grocery store to stock up on pastries (they are all gone by noon). I got back, unloaded, got ready for class, and now as soon as I post this I am going to the library to do some much needed work. I find that I cannot really do decent work in my room, it's too much of a distraction. Well, off I go. Books, here I come!

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