Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ruling Britannia Soundtrack

The writing theme for today in my blogging class was to create the soundtrack for this trip thus far, and I would have to say mine would be very, very...ummm....interesting. It would be very long and have a lot of different genres. Okay, here we go:
Part I
               Dance/Dubstep/Club music. My weekend nights (and sometimes weekday nights) are mostly spent at the clubs, and the clubs here play all dance music. I'm not talking about R&B Lil Wayne hip hop, bass booming, quick rapping American songs. I'm talking about the bass dropping, stomach lurching, first pumping, jumping up and down, mash pit songs that don't. Stop. They just roll on from one beat to the other and you have to take frequent breaks. Nonetheless there are some really good songs, and my 'Recent' playlist has been piling up. They are good, and excellent for running, walking around outside, riding the bus, and partying in friend's apartments.
Part II
               My 'Movies' playlist would be taking another big chunk of my study abroad soundtrack. This playlist consists of soundtracks ranging from Avatar to Game of Thrones, with a LOT of Hans Zimmer in the middle. When I sit down to do my work, this is what I listen to. Plug in, crank up, and go. Motivation and brain tuning all in one.
Part III
               After visiting Scotland this past weekend I have been downloading a lot of Celtic/Scottish music. I really am enjoying listening to the bagpipes, bodhran, and tin whistle.  It reminds me a bit of Irish dance music, but it also excellent day dreaming music whilst riding a bus. One my recent favorite finds is called Highland Storm by the orchestra Nox Arcana. Just picture dragons and castles and knights and that's essentially the feel of it. Great music to listen to for any occasion. I especially liked listening to it on the plane ride coming back from Edinburgh.
Part IV
               Although this album was introduced to me before I left, I still love listening to it when I am riding the bus, flying by plane, running errands, singing in my room, ect. Perfect uplifting, inspirational music. The album I am talking about is New Blood by Peter Gabriel. Set with an orchestra, it's all of Peter Gabriel's most favorite songs newly refurbished and amped up with an amazing orchestra. I highly suggest listening to it. And if you  get the chance, watching the DVD performance. My personal favorites are: Red Rain, In Your Eyes, and Desert of the Heart.

That's the main four parts as of now. Of course, I always love putting my IPod onto shuffle and seeing what comes up, but usually my IPod likes to put all the songs I don't like into one long list during shuffle so a lot of clicking ensues. Nonetheless I wouldn't be anywhere without my music. I am constantly finding new songs that I like and listening to UK music has definitely broadened my horizons. 

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